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Hi there! My name is Ustun Yildirim. I am a graduate student at the Michigan State University Department of Mathematics. My main area of interest is Geometry and Topology. More specifically, I am interested in G_2 and Spin(7) manifolds, low dimensional topology, and Seiberg-Witten theory. Most blog posts you will find here are my attempts to understand various concepts. This blog is designed to be personal, more specifically, I make no attempts to be clear or complete. I do not claim any originality, either.

Besides mathematics, I enjoy playing basketball, drawing, photography and programming (especially in Haskell) . Here is a small flash game that I have written on the last day of 2011 and here is my very first android app attempt. I refrain from promoting them as they promote proprietary software.

I have been using GNU/Linux operating systems for more than 8 years, now. My operating system of choice is Parabola GNU/Linux-libre. I support the free software movement.
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