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My short advise on how to study math: Learning mathematics is similar to learning how to ride a bicycle. You can watch many people ride bicycles, people can tell you how to ride a bicycle but you don't really learn it until you attempt it for yourself at least a few times. Clearly, you shouldn't expect to succeed in your first try and until you show me someone successfully riding a bicycle on their very first try, don't tell me that you have no talent for math.

Spring 2020

  • Zoom link for online classes and office hours:
  • Email:
  • Office: Hylan 1001
  • MTH162 Office hours:
    • Tuesday-Thursday 10:55-11:30am
    • Tuesday 9-10pm
  • MTH165 Office hours:
    • Thursday 1:00-2:00pm

MTH 162 Calculus IIA

  • Lectures: TR 9:40-10:55 am in Harkness 115 Please watch the pre-recorded lecture on Blackboard and then connect to the live Zoom session.
  • Office hours: TR 10:55-11:30 on Zoom
  • Office hours: T 9-10pm on Zoom Note: this link is different than all the others
  • My lecture notes (they are not complete!)
  • To access webwork go to “Course Materials” on the MTH 162 Blackboard page.

MTH 165 Linear Algebra w/ Differential Equations


Fall 2019

MTH 161 Calculus IA

MTH 255 Differential Geometry

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