Ustun Yildirim

Office: Hylan 1001

Office Hour: TBD

Email: ustun (a t) mailbox (d o t) org   (PGP Public Key)

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching (SS2018)

You can find the class page at D2L.

Research Interests

I am interested in \(G_2\) and Spin(7) manifolds. More specifically, I am working on problems related to their calibrated submanifolds (which are volume minimizing submanifolds of dimension 3 in \(G_2\) case or 4 in Spin(7) case). I am also interested in Seiberg-Witten theory, low dimensional topology and applications of algebraic geometry to these topics.


2) (with S. Akbulut) Complex \(G_2\) manifolds

1) On the minimal compactification of the Cayley Grassmannian


Associative and Cayley Grassmannians (GSTGC 2018)


Octonions and Cayley Grassmannian repository

I have written some code in Haskell to help me with my calculations. They are intended to be used in an Haskell interpreter but you may always fork the repository to suit your own needs or email me if you want to contribute. Specifically, it is helpful with


My blog (not active)

Some photos from our meetings with Selman

I use MathJax to render math on web. E.g. \(e^{it}=\cos(t)+i\sin(t)\).

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